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Mother love <3

Hello everyone,

I would like to dedicate this to the most beautiful women in the world “my mother” as today is her birthday! and to all the wonderful queen mother’s who have raised prince and princesses.

Mom is a word “Amma” is a feeling!!


A mother’s love for her child is unconditional ,it knows no law no limit.She dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.      Its about she feeling the pain when you fall down,wiping away the tears and to say its OK,u have greater potential.    Its about listening to us without judgment.      Its about waking up early preparing breakfast and whatever we comment does not matter to her,although she says she wont do it from tommorow and to do it yourself,she still wakes up and tries to make even better than yesterday.Whether good or bad she does’nt want her child to go hungry.



Its about laughing at her kids knock knock jokes.   Its about helping out with our homework ,packing our backpack ,running behind us to make to have breakfast when already bus driver have arrived .Bringing us stuffs that we love when father denayed to ,and say “dont tell your father OK!!”

She is always her son’s super woman!!

Now we are grown up and we are busy making our “dreams come true”.In that process somewhere we have forgotten what hardels our parents have faced to bring us to this position where we are leading a comfortable life yet yearning to something more better and being desperate about what we dont have!

Now coming to hostelites ,we gonna know parents  value especially mom when it comes to have most boring food.And for the pampered girls it becomes so difficult to get adjusted for the transition from being dependent to independent,right from keeping our room clean to washing our clothes ,ahh its a big task though!! Whether we can or cannot sometimes we have to bare our friends,roomies,horrifying lectures and only a phone call to mom and her consoling words can make us happy.We are mature enough to hide stuffs in some situations to make sure that she is not worried.

Lastly I just wanna say ,say her “Thank you amma!” once in a while and see the bliss in her face,say that you love her ,say “am sorry” and confess your mistake if you get hold of,and she will understand coz she is the one who understands you better than anyone in the world.

Love you Amma.